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Insist on replica u boat watches for inheritance history

Le 17 octobre 2013, 04:22 dans Humeurs 0

U Boat after more than a year of preparation, design to production, represents the noble series has excellent tabulation process: All series of the U Boat all USES the Swiss precision mechanical movement, and production processes in every detail, from material selection, polishing grinding and movement test, etc., do meticulous. Each wrist plate the surface of the U Boat under the trademark printing some words, to highlight its storied history value and the noble identity.

To commemorate the brilliant history of the U Boat brand to express brand "extraordinary creativity, from the traditional" belief, U Boat will launch a year after engraving limited wrist watch in history.
U Boat, in a tradition and style will be like hour meter race against time plot of easy grace. As U Boat watches at the same time, represent the traditional chrono diver is reliable and safe, side by timing function and dual function combined with the innovation of the shape, past and present conflicts are contained in the black body, reflect on the vision only calmly err on the side of the atmosphere and tension of the plot is the beautiful scenery of the Brussels boasts beautiful and meaningful. Surround in the full of gothic architecture, the ancient canal, the bank is the cobbled streets of the city, and auspicious atmosphere as noble and low-key calm soothing antique watch.

Can also be cast brilliant achievements, U Boat watch of wrist of limited design also absorbed the inspiration of "black". Ideas from Kazuki Williams FW30 racing car, the overall with black color, transparent table bottom cover design can be seen in the iconic red rotor and can with Kazuki name. Tip of the second use of the japanese flag, red and white, and embossing F1 tyre rubber strap and dial on the level of three-dimensional space, it is designed with Kazuki racing helmet breathing hole for blueprint, increases the permeability and the wearing comfort of strap.
To choose a color to commemorate the classical, on behalf of the replica Bvlgari, and certainly should be a "black", U Boat stand the test of time and scrutiny.

U Boat, except in the design of the appearance of high-profile meticulous detail part still U Boat spirit of exquisite craft, the limited use black automatic plate, using the latest class diamond carbon coating technology, high temperature resistance and resistance to wear and also see a new back cover design, special corrugated U Boat proprietary, let the consumer perspective when can see U Boat back cover, texture delicate, have make the finishing point.

U Boat series rose gold on the table in order to foil a table of smooth arc design complete, elegant design restoring ancient ways, beautiful romantic love, smooth elegant lines, can match experience time baptize steadfast love. Hardware is some color restoring ancient ways of roses and Roman numerals on the dial scale, fu and series of the U Boat watches noble breath. U Boat rose gold watch in addition to professional tabulation technology from Switzerland, unique cork BiaoGuan waterproof airtight system also provides the perfect function of 50 meters; Brown leather strap with rose gold PVD folding clasp, stainless steel use the double-sided anti-dazzle sapphirine crystal surface, make the U Boat rose gold watch with simple and elegant.

U Boat series inspired by New york landmarks grams of rice, building the eternal beauty, with geometric modelling style of streamline and cant diamond polishing pointer on the cutting edges, will show fashion frank clever love interactive philosophy. Delicate art deco symbolizes the good life of men and women will be the pursuit of excellence, and half water overflow woman watches, tie-in at three o 'clock and 9 o 'clock position with mother-of-pearl dial elegant and refined replica Vacheron Constantin watches, show off women's gentle and lovely and independent. And half the wind Yang man watches, has chosen to Christchurch, building steel structure and streamline modelling, aesthetic style collocation half moon and full moon. Wear resistant sapphire crystal glass, can penetrate movement transparent bottom cover design, make fine C. O. S. C strainght Swiss observatory certification of automatic refined movement, screw-plug BiaoGuan design, waterproof up to 100 meters. While strap with stainless steel strap and a small leather crocodile grain pressure strap two paragraphs, with a double push button folding buckle, no matter how collocation can create a classic elegant fashion sense.

Witness the exciting time replica u boat watches arrived

Le 17 octobre 2013, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

U Boat watch witnessed this exciting moment. It does not need to use any oil can smooth operation of the wrist watch, both in terms of performance or in the process does not produce any parts loss or degradation on the machine operation.

In the commercial diving rapid growth in the 70 s, is what kind of diving replica u boat watches can let the professional divers can work safely back to the surface from the deep? How the professional function of watches can let the divers to calculate when diving risk factors, and have the courage to challenge the sea? Answer eucalyptus is U Boat coaxial escapement diving watches. U Boat first launched at that time, can withstand the strong pressure, let professional divers can gate-crashers celebrated deep-sea extreme domain wrist - the hippocampus 600 m series wrist watch, also known as the professional diving watches, this is the most durable and diving performance in one of the best watches. 40 years later, U Boat for this modelling unique classic watches, offer the hkta launched a new tour - again, the new U Boat coaxial escapement watches. As the name suggests, this watch with the amazing depth of 1200 meters of waterproof, its design perfectly combines the U Boat the original classic features and join the top coaxial tabulation technology, the new U Boat coaxial escapement watches appeared as deep water dragon in the decades to life, will inevitably in the altar table a wave after wave of rough! Other brands diving watches avoid!!!!

U Boat, said U Boat is absolutely classic, from the auction results show that in recent years the most high-profile Ploprof watches can always watches treasures. This form of asymmetric watchcase exterior, conspicuous big pointer with the famous red button, appear always can immediately make auction CARDS are raised, desire to attract people to collect. 2007 u Boat theme auction in 1970 produced the first and second generation Ploprof watches can clinch a deal with a 17700-35400 Swiss francs. This year, the mythical watches only recreate the altar table for the first time after time, not just keep to the particularity of the original table, joining today many advanced replica Audemars Piguet innovation of tabulation let U U Boat Boat dive watches dominate, special atmosphere. In addition to direct from the original 600 meters diving depth successful challenge 600 meters, in terms of movement, carried a U Boat more proud of the 8500 self-made coaxial escapement movement and no card balance spring balance wheel, making new U Boat dive watches are powerful chronometer and infinite charm. New movement brought modern visual decoration, including Arab Geneva corrugated plate automatically, and is equipped with two resistance to wear of diamond coating clockwork box, table dynamic storage up to 60 hours. In addition, the U Boat watch more integrated the function of very useful time zone, when the shuttle in the area at the same time, clockwise and minute hand and second hand separate, independent fast set-up, more suitable for love can try in different sea diving fashion professional players.

U Boat on three-dimensional scale of polished by the white luminous coating processing, in dark environment also can clearly legible time beauty; And divers relied heavily on the minute hand is on orange aluminum material manufacturing, faithfully reflect the original style of the U Boat with classic lasting appeal.

Scale of the U Boat is marked with Arabic numerals and triangular body, make U Boat watch more easy to read. Sword type, when the minute hand design and make U Boat watch with night-light display in the evening can also read, is very convenient. Table back engraved with the observatory replica Corum, sufficient to illustrate this wrist watch the quality of the production with its excellent technology. For U Boat watches on classic breath. And similarly, popular at that time simple small three needle design, and it is one of the wrist watch design trend: small three needle plate engraved with fret as decorations, contrasted with the design of the single needle, with the design of visual effects and concise beauty.